APRIL 15th - 16th, 2016


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The Hotel Ibis is our partner. Located in the center of Coimbra, on the banks of the Mondego River is ideal for tourist stays, close to transport and historical areas.

Take The Wind

Founded in 2008, Take The Wind, has a talented team focused on producing innovative digital health solutions. Its main focus is based on a medical simulator called Body Interact.

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Partnership between PROBlender and the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra (ISEC)

The PROBlender , responsible for spreading Open Source software Blender in Portugal, is happy to organize BlenderPT Conference 2016, in partnership with the renowned establishment Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra (ISEC).

We are motivated to bring you a more ambitious event, with more speakers , more diversity of content (lectures and workshops), movies and contests with prizes .

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José Ricardo Silva

BBtwins – Making Off (Project Presentation)
Freelancer modeler and animator. If you have heard of BBtwins, a Portuguese series of short children’s musical movies, you will be impressed to know that it’s Ricardo’s authorship.
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Ricardo José Pereira

How to prepare files for 3D printing in Blender (Lecture)
A curious about 3D printing, is building his own printer (with hot base) and is an active participant of the project E-nable.
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Rogério Perdiz

The process of creating an animation (Lecture)
Self-taught freelancer that due to the extreme detail of his work, keeps his Opel Astra in Blender Features page.
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Renato Sousa

Blender at work. How to do motion tracking in Blender with videos acquired with a mobile phone. (Lecture and Workshop)
He Is a researcher in fluid mechanics at the Faculty of Engineering in the University of Porto. Likes programming and uses Blender mostly as a hobby, but also in his job whenever possible.
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Eduardo Câmara

Tips and tricks for Cycles and will also talk about other render engines for Blender and their main differences. (Lecture)
Designs dams during the day and by the evening he focuses on the photorealism in Blender using Cycles.
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Jorge Ribeiro

How to export a model with animations and shape keys from Blender to Unreal Engine 4 and how to use the Grease Pencil to make 2D animations in Blender.
An illustrator and internationally renowned animator. A constant presence in PROBlender conferences that has also been present in the international Blender Conference. (Presentation)
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Luís Belerique

Figure Digital Sculpture with Blender (workshop)
Is Portuguese and lives in Madrid. Works as Environment Artist in a successful company that produces video games called Tequila Works and uses Blender whenever possible in his projects. In 2013, he showed us his knowledge and skills in digital sculpture to create a T-Rex.
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Telmo Lourenço

Video editing in Blender using Coimbra as main theme (Lecture)
He uses Blender as a hobby and sees it as a powerful video editing tool, that owes nothing to many other paid commercial tools. Telmo has been an active presence in the community with showreels created for the Blender conferences.
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João Nascimento

Modeling in Blender and exporting to UE4. Introduction to Substance Designer and Painter. (Lecture)
He uses Blender as a hobby and sees it as a key part in his pipeline for experiences with UE4.
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Francesco Siddi

Presentation of Gooseberry project and Blender Cloud (Project). Process behind the creation of the animated short film “Caminandes 3″ (Lecture)
Comes directly from Holland where he is currently working in Blender Institute. He is passionate about creating processes and tools that help to create animated films. He participated in projects such as “Tears of Steel”, in the series “Caminandes” and in “Cosmos Laundromat”.
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Inês Almeida

Presentation of her Master’s Thesis about sign language with Blender. Workshop on Blenrig a rigging and deformation system.
Works at Crytek (producer of the CryEngine, games like Ryse: Son of Rome and the acclaimed Crysis series). Since 2014 has an active participation in the development of Blender.
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Tiago Pascoal and Pedro Bastos (Take The Wind)

Presentation of the product Body Interact (Project)
both work in Take The Wind company. They will present Body Interact, an interactive medical training software, which can simulate different medical conditions. Tiago is directly involved in the development while Pedro models and animates all 3D objects using Blender.
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Tiago Rodrigues

Create and export 2D and 3D content to mobile platforms. Process of creating animation and storyboards with Grease Pencil.
In his curriculum we find several animations made in Blender and mobile games modeled with this software.

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