The conference is organized by PROBlender, the Portuguese Blender Association, together with the Arts School and the Research Center for Science and Technology in Art (CITAR) of the Catholic University of Porto. PROBlender members are from Blender PT, the Portuguese community of Blender users.

Scientific Committee

Abi Feijó - Abi Feijó graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Porto, is a lecturer in the Algarve University. In 1984 he came to the National Film Board of Canada for an animation internship, which resulted in the short film Oh que Calma (1985). Soon after returning to Porto, he founded Filmógrafo, an animation studio based on the NFB model of handcrafted authour animation which extends to an international reputation. He also founded, in 2001, the Portuguese Animation House.

António Costa Valente - Professor in the University of Aveiro, he runs the cinema festival AVANCA – International Meetings of Cinema, Television and Multimedia, the conference AVANCA|CINEMA and produces fiction films, documentaries and animation cinema since ever. He produced and co-directed “Até ao tecto do Mundo”, the first Portuguese movie of animation cinema. He is the author of the book “Cinema sem actores: Novas tecnologias da animação centenária”, of 2001.

Marina Estela Graça – Professor and Supervisor of the Communication, Arts and Design department of the Superior School of Education of the Algarve University. Lectured in Aalborg University Esbjerg, obtained an M.Sc. in Social Communication (Animation Cinema) in 1990 and a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences (Poetics of the Animated Film) in 2003, both in Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Published in 2006 Between the Look and the Gesture, a rehersal on the poetics of the animated film. Is a director and researcher of animated short movies, vice-president of the Portuguese Animation House and author of international articles.


Conference Chairs

Pedro Bastos - Born in 1982 in Coimbra, Portugal, Pedro graduated in 2004 in Multimedia Design and Communication at ESEC. He performed a nine months Erasmus in Cumbria Institute of the Arts in Carlisle, England, receiving in 2005 the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Design and Digital Animation. He returned to Portugal and worked in 3D as a freelancer and lecturer in companies and institutions. He did his M.Sc. in 2008 in Multimedia Technology in FEUP. He wrote two Portuguese books about Blender for FCA in 2010 and 2011. He is a Ph.D. student in Digital Media in FEUP researching in facial rigging and animation, having published articles with significant impact.

Ricardo Pereira - Born in 1982 in Porto, Ricardo graduated in Industrial Design in 2007 in Lusíada College from the Porto University. During graduation he worked teaching multimedia software in a private School. After graduation, he worked as rendering freelancer for the construction sector and was admitted in the Institute of Mechanical Engineering INEGI as responsible for producing rigid and flexible molds and prototypes. Throughout this three year period he developed expertise in shaping medical prosthetics and tools for the medical industry, and in the investment casting tools to materialize the models in titanium alloys. In 2011 he co-founded Kohta Creative Studio.

Rui Pereira - Rui was born in 1973 in Lisboa, Portugal. He graduated from Institute of Engineering of Porto in 2002 with a degree in computer engineering. He works as a ICT teacher in secondary school. He, also, completed a M.Sc. of computer engineering from the University of Beira Interior in 2006 and has published several articles about computer engineering. Rui lives in Castelo de Paiva, Portugal.


Local Chairs

Luís Martins - Luís Gustavo Martins received a B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Porto, Portugal, in 1997, 2001 and 2009, respectively. His M.Sc. thesis was on polyphonic music transcription and Ph.D. on sound segregation in music signals. He is a researcher at CITAR (Research Center for Science and Technology in Art) and Assistant Professor at the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University, Porto, Portugal, carrying out research on software development, signal processing, machine learning, audio content analysis and interactive system design. He is an active developer of the open source Marsyas audio processing software framework.

Diogo Vieira - Diogo Vieira (Portugal, 1981) is an invited professor in the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Porto, lecturing in the masters of Computer Animation and in the degree of Sound and Image. After finishing the course of Industrial Design, he studied Design for Interactive Media with Photography and Digital Imaging in the Thames Valley University in London. Since then he specialized in photorealistic 3D including Architecture and Design. In 2008 he creates his company of 3D visualization called Visual Labs to be a reference in 3D visualization for Architecture, Design and Real Estate Promotion in Portugal and abroad. During 2011 he creates the company Visual Mobile where he develops interactive aplications for smartphones and tablets.

Ricardo Megre - Ricardo Megre is a 3D animator producing films since he was a student in the masters of Computer Animation in the Catholic University in 2005. He studied and worked in New York where he concluded the post-graduation in 3D Animation and Visual Effects in the New York Film Academy and the course of Advanced Cinematography in the School of Visual Arts. He worked for Walsh Family Media, Petit Patapon e Gloss Post-Production and colaborated in the documentary “Conversations with the Cosmos”. His academic career grew as a professor in the Harvard University, returning to Portugal in 2009 as a freelancer and now lecturing in the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Porto in the masters of Computer Animation. He co-founded in 2011 with his wife Ana Borges de Sousa the studio Loopa to produce films, video, 3D animation, VFX and motion graphics.


Articles & Posters

Daniel Basso - Daniel was born in 1978 in Caxias do Sul, Brazil. He has Bachelor (2002) and Master (2005) degrees in Computer Science, both from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in Brazil. He is currently a PhD student at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of University of Porto, working on computer vision and computational neuroscience.

Luís Loureiro - Luís was born in 1985 in Setúbal, Portugal. He graduated from Instituto Superior Técnico in 2010 with an Integrated Masters Degree (M.Sc.) in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Currently works for Addition Lda as a multimedia applications, web and mobile platforms programmer. Blender has been part of Luís life since high school and his areas of interest are lowpoly modeling and python scripting.

Renato Sousa - Renato was born in 1977 in Vila do Conde, Portugal. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) in 2000 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He finished his Ph.D. in 2005 in the field of fluid mechanics, having spent one year in Brussels in von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics. He always worked in research and development in the field of fluid mechanics and heat transfer, starting at Fluidinova, a spin-off of FEUP, then shifting to Bosch Termotecnology and now works at Pinto Brasil in the development of heat pumps. With two daughters, Renato uses Blender as a hobby in the spare time.



Rogério Perdiz - Rogério is an independent filmmaker and generalist freelancer specialized in 3D animation. He works with open-source computer softwares to create immersive virtual objects and worlds. He produced the short animation Orion Tear and is currently working on Resilience Satelle in the scope of, the non-profit animation production domain, founded by himself to become a quality-based virtual entertainment provider, made in Portugal, for the world.

Ricardo Silva - Ricardo was born in 1974 in Almada, Portugal. He graduated in Multimedia Design and Communication in ESEC. He did an Erasmus in Cumbria Institute of the Arts in Carlisle, England, in Multimedia Design and Digital Animation. He is a freelancer since 2007 in 3D Modeling and Animation performing children and institutional animation projects, architecture visualization and 3D modeling and animation for game engines and augmented reality. Ricardo is a principal colaborator in 3D modeling and animation in company 3Decide (

Rui Teixeira - Rui was born in 1975 in Chaves, Portugal. In 1994 he concluded the course of Informatics Technician, in which he had a short introduction to the world of 3D via Autocad. Several years later he got into contact with the free software universe, including Blender. He immediately fell in love with the phylosophy of interchange and sharing of the free software and open code communities. Since then he has been using Blender as a hobby, always with an open mind and ready to help others through the sharing of his own knowledge.



Paulo Martins – Paulo was born in 1974 in Germany and has the Portuguese nationality. He works in the Portuguese Air Force and holds levels 1 and 2 of Autocad Technical Drawing. He is an enthusiast and self-learning person in Blender, which is his main hobby since 2008.

Pedro Ângelo - Pedro Ângelo is a Ph.D. student in Digital Media in the context of the UT Austin|Portugal program and formerly an independent technical research consultant for creative projects. His research is focused on developing creative programming tools that allow artists to take full advantage of heterogenous parallel hardware. He is also interested in open-source digital fabrication, hardware hacking, and do-it-yourself musical tools. As a Free Software and Free Culture activist, he has been involved in the foundation and organization activities of the PortoLinux user group, the Portuguese Blender community, the Audiência Zero cultural association, and the AZ Labs network.

Ruben Carvalho – Born in 1984 in Viseu, Ruben graduated in Technologies and Multimedia Design in the Polytechnic of Viseu, which he concluded with the presentation of a computer game intirely based in Blender’s game engine. Ruben currently works as a fellow researcher in the Superior School of Health of Viseu in a project financed by FCT for Monitoring Child-Juveniles Health Indicators. He is in the last year of the Masters in Audio-Visuals in the University of Aveiro.


Game Contest

João Alves - João was born in 1979 in Lisbon, Portugal. He attended the School of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon (FBAUL, old ESBAL) where he conducted the course of Plastic Arts/Painting with specialization in Photography and Audio-visuals. Also recently completed the Master of New Media and Web Practices in the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the New University of Lisbon (FCSH-UNL) with specialization in Digital Arts (Topic: Design of Digital Games) and Documentary (Theme: White Stork on the Alentejo Coast). He likes specially the Web Development/Design, 3d Drawing (stills and animations), Augmented Reality and Game Design.

Matthew Dietel - Matthew Dietel was born in 1997 in USA. He did home-school for most of his life, and was taught to program at the age of 7 by his dad. He has worked with the Blender Game Engine for 4 years, and recently becamse a developer for the engine itself. Matthew has worked on several games, but is now the leader of a larger scale project called BlitzStorm. He is currently in 10th grade in highschool, and lives in Minnesota, USA.

Nelson Zagalo – Nelson Zagalo is Assistant Professor at the University of Minho (UM) – Portugal. He got his PhD on Communication Technology from the University of Aveiro about new interaction paradigms in virtual environments. He is director of the Master on Interactive Media and part of the board direction of the Master on Technology and Digital Art. He co-chairs the research group engageLab at Computer Graphics Center and chairs the Portuguese Society of Videogame Sciences. He is author of the book “Interactive Emotions, from Film to Videogames” (2009), editor of the book “Virtual Worlds and Metaverse Platforms: New Communication and Identity Paradigms” (2011), and is writing the book “Portuguese History of Videogames”.

Rita Fernandes – Rita was born in 1979 in Tomar. She graduated in Communication and Design Multimedia in ESEC. She is a freelancer since 2007 in Graphic Design and Illustration and she owns the restaurant Cookie's Star in Coimbra. She had access to Blender through her friend Ricardo and since then Blender is her hobby.


Telmo Lourenço - Telmo was born in Coimbra, Portugal, in 1992, city where he lives. He has gratuated from High School in the Technological Course of Social Action. He created and is the manager of a video channel in YouTube. He describes himself as a computer games lover, music fan and active user of the 3D production tool Blender.


Conference Logo and Advertising Spot

Anabela Faria - Born in 1985 in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, Anabela graduated in Multimedia Design. In 2010 she collaborated with Zon Animation Lab in the University of Texas at Austin. She also worked in 2D and 3D animation projects for children, motion graphics, illustration, GUI design and concept art. She is currently working as a freelancer in illustration and motion design.



Mariana da Silva – Mariana was born in 1979 in São Paio de Oleiros, Portugal. With a degree in Clinical Psychology (Braga) and Plastic Arts (Tomar), Mariana is currently concluding the masters in Fine Arts in the Fine Arts College in Lisbon.